So lets talk about GREEN TEA 🍵!

Heyya! Hope you all are doing good.

Well, as the title says, we are going to be discussing about Green tea and its benefits.

Green tea comes from the plant Camellia sinensis. The green tea extract contains polyphenols. This means they have the greatest health benefits.

This tea also includes caffeine, theobromine, and theophylline. 

This is Camellia sinensis:👇

Here are a few benefits of drinking green tea:

  1. Studies have suggested that green tea may boost your metabolism and help you burn fat.
  1. The amount of water in green tea makes this drink quite hydrating.
  2. Since green tea contains antioxidants that are able to fight free-radical damage, they help maintain a youthful and healthy skin.
  3. Green tea can enhance our brain’s cognitive functions, particularly the working memory.
  4. It prevents eye disease and protects vision.

Here’s how you can prepare yourself a classic cup of green tea:

☕️ Boil water in a tea pot.

☕️Add a tea bag or loose tea leaves to a cup.

☕️Pour the boiled water in the cup onto the tea bag or leaves.

☕️Stir the tea once or twice Wait for about 2 minutes and give it a stir again.

☕️Now, strain the tea or remove the tea bag.

☕️And voila, your cup of green tea is ready…

Honestly, I am neither a fan of tea or coffee. But since the time I have started drinking green tea, I just can’t stop. Now obviously, I drink it in moderation.🙃

I use tea bags of this brand called ‘TWININGS’. I highly recommend you all to try it too. Trust me, it’s really good.

This is the packet that I have purchased:

I usually have green tea while studying or while having family time.

How do you have your tea? Let me know through the comments… I would love to read them…

Have a great day!

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We’ll meet you in the next post,🙃


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