How to make your own to-do list!

Hey there and welcome back!🙃🙃

Another new year, a start to many new things… I wish this year brings smiles and happiness for all of you…😃

I thought of starting this year with a post that helps us manage our time efficiently… So, let’s start!⬇️

In this post, I will sharing with you the tips and tricks to making the perfect to-do list.

A to-do list 📝 is a basically a list containing all your upcoming tasks but sorted out in an organized manner. Using this list, you can schedule your tasks properly and complete your works on time.

There a variety of to-do lists. You can choose yours depending on your choice and liking. So lets have a quick look on some of the to-do lists


As the name suggests, to create this list, all you need is a pen and paper. Jot down all the works that need to be completed. To emphasize more on certain tasks, you can underline them or put an exclamation mark at the end just so that you get reminded of those tasks when you see that paper. You can also write with different styles and colors to make that sheet look a little less plain.

Here’s how this list looks like:

You can buy yourself a to-do list book or make those boxes yourself…

Once done with a task just put a tick beside it✅.


By calendars, I mean the app the that we have on our mobile phones 📱. This can also be used to categorize our task daily. The advantage of this type of a to-do list is that it keeps reminding you of your tasks through alarms and notifications.

Here’s how it looks:


Bullet journal is a planner system that allows to track your past or plan for your future.

For making a bullet journal to-do list, you need to jot down all the works for the day. Then, highlight the top 3-4 works that are highly important. Once any work is done, cross it out or strike it off. Sounds simple, right?

The only thing that makes this journal different from the others is the fact that it is colorful and funky. Use some bright pens and a nice journal for making your to-do list.

Here’s how it looks:

In this picture, highlighters have been used to categorize the tasks according to their importance. But you can do it in any way.

Here are some more:

Also, just to guide yourself, you could create a key like this:

4. APPS📱:

There are a lot of apps designed for the purpose of creating to-do lists. The advantage of apps is that they are with you all the time and it reduces the task of carrying a book along with you everywhere.

Here are few apps that are highly recommended:

So these were a few ways that would help you to create a perfect to-do list.

Let us know regarding your thoughts and views through the comments…

Enjoy yourselves and have a great day ahead!

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We’ll meet you in the next post,🙃


6 Replies to “How to make your own to-do list!”

  1. I like journals but I don’t really like lists. I keep most things like bills to be paid in the back of my head; I guess because I’ve been paying them long enough, lol. I do like how “colorful and funky” yours are, though.

    Checking out your blog after seeing it on Dray 0308’s Dream Big, Dream Often blog.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Journals are a great idea too… It depends from person to person …
      I love bullet journaling… Obviously because of how how color fancy it is.
      Thanks for reading and stopping by!🙃😊

      Liked by 1 person

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