Hey everybody! Today’s post is about Exams…👇

Exam time is that time of the year which is very stressful😬. Each student reacts differently during this period. There are some who get sudden shivers running down their spine remembering about exams, some who make thousand study timetables but follow none ( I do this at times😂), some who study day and night and tell their friends that they have studied nothing, some who get extremely scared one minute the night before the exam thinking that they have forgotten everything and then there are some who just leave it to the last moment and chill. As students, we must know how to manage time effectively so that we can complete the syllabus well before the exam. Therefore, Presenting to you the best ways to prepare for your exams!😉These ways are aimed to help you become more focused and exam-ready. Lets start:

#1: Make a study timetable⬇️

Trust me, this helps. A study timetable/planner breaks your studies and helps you understand as to how much you have to study. But yes, it has to be a realistic one. That’s when it will actually work. This means that along with study timings, your timetable must also include breaks, sleep, exercise and anything else that you would love to add. But, they must all be in proportion so that your day gives a positive output.

#2: Start studying well before the exam⬇️

This way you won’t have the burden of completing the entire portion within a night or two. Hence, you will be more relaxed and burden-free.

#3: Keep changing your study locations⬇️

The environment in which you are studying also matters a lot. Research has shown that people who study in different locations, or attend lectures in different locations perform better on tests.

#4: Practice similar papers of previous years⬇️

By practicing past years papers, you will get an idea of the format of the questions asked. Also, you will be able to time yourself. This will boost your confidence and will make you ready for the exam.

#5: Take regular breaks and have brain food⬇️

Studies have shown that for long-term retention of knowledge, taking regular breaks really helps. Also, during food breaks try as much as you can to avoid junk food and sugar. Eat foods with high nutrition like yogurt, berries and nuts.

#6: Have a positive attitude⬇️

If your internal state is positive, you will feel much better. And this will increase your chances of performing well in the exam. To reduce the exam stress in the exam hall, you can fill yourself with positive material as this will boost you up.

#7: Revise and practice along with a friend⬇️

This tip is quite useful as it will make you more assured of your topics. You and your friend can test each other and explain things when one of you is not able to understand.

Here’s an extra tip:⬇️

Once you’re done with the exam, give yourself a feeling that you have performed your best… This actually helps!

And, I wish you all the very best for your upcoming exams. I hope you all ace it!

I hope these tips have helped you in some way… Do comment and let me know about your views…

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  • We’ll meet you in the next post,🙃

Lots of love,

Beyond The Bounds🦋



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