My attempt at writing a poem!: Part III+ MINI CHALLENGE🤓

Hey everybody🤗…how are you all? I hope everything is going good for you all.

I know that I took a long break and I’m extremely sorry for that…😔

Anyways, this post is going to be Part 3 of ‘My first attempt at writing a Poem’…I was really excited for this one… and I hope that you all like it.😙

Let’s get started:

Silence is golden

Silence is Golden

But we do not ponder

Whoever is silent will be successful

If you are a righteous person

Say well or be quiet

Speak for the sake of charity and good

If not, then let’s not speak

As once uttered, you no longer control the words

But they control you

So if you want silence to permeate within you

Control your tongue and subdue your feelings with silence

As this will put an end to all the detrimental things of your life

And will help you in leading a silent and golden life

So how was it? Let me know about your thoughts regarding this poem in the comments below… I would love to read them.

Here’s a mini challenge 🤓 for you all: Remain silent for 5 minutes in one go … try to do this everyday.

Trust me, it helps. Here are few benefits of being silent:

• Silence allows our brain cells to relax

• It reduces stress

• It prevents cardiovascular diseases which favors mental and physical wellbeing.

• It stimulates our creativity

• It helps to rediscover our true self

Here are few ways to achieve silence:

• Ensure that you get a good sleep

Meditate for at least 10 minutes daily

• Go for a walk in a garden

Visit a museum

• Go for a holiday to a calm and relaxing destination

Well, this brings us to the end of this post…

I hope this post helped you… if it did, we are glad since this was our very aim…


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We’ll meet you in the next post,🙃

Lots of love,

Beyond The Bounds🦋


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