Want to study smarter? : My Top 5 Tips

No one’s born as a genius. It’s just that the people who we regard as geniuses learn a few study skills and practice them. These skills make it easier for us to learn and score or do well in class. Being a student, I can understand how hard it is to focus on so many subjects and achieve good grades. And on top of that we have assignments, projects, tests, exams, other activities, commitments and a social life. Being amidst so many tasks, it would be amazing if we knew how to study in a way that benefits us rather than just cramming up something and forgetting it the next moment. So here it is: my top 5 tips to smarter studying [ I have tried these tips so I can assure you that they will work]:

TIP #1: Pay Attention when your teacher is teaching

I know, everyone says this. But to be honest, this is actually very helpful. If you listen and pay attention in class, you start the process of learning and studying in class. So when you come back home and learn that part, it becomes much easier for you to learn.

TIP#2 : Take notes

By taking notes, you summarize a particular topic. It is very helpful as you can review them before an exam or test. Taking notes by your hand is better than printed ones. Even while making notes, your brain is revising a topic. This will help you perform better in tests.

TIP#3: Break your study into chunks

Lets say you have a huge chapter to study. What do you do? Divide that chapter into small parts and study each part one by one. In other words, study in short sessions. This helps your brain process information much better than lots of information in long sessions. Take breaks in between to freshen yourself. But just fight the temptation to turn turn on the TVor stop working for any other reason!

TIP#4: Clear out all doubts and confusions

If you don’t understand a topic, you won’t be able to study effectively. Your brain will constantly think about that doubt and this will retard your progress. Ask your teacher or your friends or your parents and clear out all the confusion. By doing this, you will be confident before your exams as your brain will lose all the confusion.

TIP#5: Sleep, It’s important!

So the test is tomorrow, you have done your level best. But suddenly you seem to forget everything… Now what? Your brain requires some time to digest all the information. So, go and have a good night’s sleep and you will be amazed by what happens the next day.

These were my top tips… I hope that these tips were helpful for you . Remember,you are not defined by how many A’s you get. Learn for life because it will be beneficial in the long run.

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Lots of love,

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