Hey Buddies, Welcome Back! Today’s post is more of a motivational one. Hope you enjoy reading it!

In life you will always meet someone who is better than you in some way or the other. It could be the abilities that they possess or maybe their personality. They might be more passionate, trustworthy and charming than you. This is when we feel we are nothing, capable of nothing. We start to feel low.

Our self esteem lowers and we start getting wild thoughts that leave us in the middle of nothing.

What do we do now??! Keep reading to know more.

Firstly, we must realize the fact that everyone is unique, no comparison can be made between people. I can’t be you and you can’t be me. If we firmly believe and understand this simple logic, then our perspective of understanding people will definitely change for the good. And secondly, even if there is someone who has more abilities than you or at least this is what you feel, then think about this question: ” Do you have any idea about what problems that person is facing?”. Maybe, that person has a problem that you could have never imagined, because you were only focusing on their strengths. On the other hand, if you really want to be like that person, what you can do is learn from that person. Show respect towards that person. Understand how that person uses his/her strengths and apply the same if you wish to. This is obviously far more better than being jealous or gossiping about that person.

Another point that I would like to draw some focus upon is:

Remember that no one can define you. You should be the one who defines your own self. Find your self worth. Make a place for yourself within the society. Embrace your strengths and work upon your weaknesses. This will give you happiness. We all are one of a kind. People will criticize you , they will tell you to change your habits, they will tell you that you need to change for the world to like you. Well, the truth is : no one has the right to tell you to change yourself except you. Find out your strengths and talents and let the world know how amazing you are! One last point that we all must remember is : “JUST BE YOURSELF!”.

I hope this post helped and motivated you and made you realize that you are one of a gem.

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I will meet you in the next post. Till then,

Take care and B-bye.



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