A Peek into My Thoughts

Happy New Year everyone!!! Hope you had an amazing and vigorous start to the year 2018.

It’s that time of the year when we make resolutions and try to stick to it throughout the 365 seemingly dragging days. The first thing that comes into my mind while thinking about New Year are these resolutions but that’s an irony in my case as New Year’s Resolutions for me is more of ‘Never have, Never will’ situation.

I have never kept resolutions in my life and this year it’s the same. It’s not because I am the perfect person, but because I am a perfectly lazy person. I might keep resolutions, but that will only last for about a week and if I am really obsessed with the change then can exceed to up to two weeks, something like my unfinished chores.

But in all the seriousness, having resolutions is the best way to bring about a change in yourself. Just needs a bit more determination and self-confidence and yes, the same goes for me.

Now siding New Year talk, its winter and my holidays are coming to an end. It’s hard to think that I will have to go to school in the early morning when the sun would have not yet risen and the foggy winter morning drags me back to the bed. Again I am not a person with hatred of school but more of a sleep lover but still I am a morning person (irony right ;P).

Morning person in the sense that I like to wake up early but not that early when even the sun hasn’t woken up. I really like to wake when the golden rays of the sun hits my eye lids but most of the days I just wake up to the dreading alarm or with my Mom yelling at me from the kitchen (Yay!! School life 0_o).

Well, as I said, I am not a person with hatred for school. I like learning and I am person who considers knowledge an important instrument that’s helps to shape our lives and makes us the people we are. I just don’t support rote learning as there no partaking of knowledge there. Anyways, my views may differ from yours so do let me know your views through your comments. 😉

Knowledge has a beginning, but no end.
                                                       – Geeta Iyenger


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