Hey Happy Buddies!

Happy New Year! 2018 is here… so we thought of our resolutions for the year… and we wanted to share them with you as well.

This Blog is going to be a little different … we are going to re-introduce the six ethics of life ( which you might already know) in a different way 🙂 So Lets Start:

In short they are:


Disclaimer: This blog is not written by experts 🙂 …

1. Before You Pray – Sleep  Believe

EXPECTATION: We pray for something/somebody and your wish is granted instantly. ( We wish it was that way)

REALITY: We sleep ,sleep and sleep and then wake up suddenly and pray …

So lets strike off the term ‘sleep’ and make this expectation into reality by introducing the term ‘Believe’. Believing in what you pray is extremely essential for the fact that “the more you believe the more you feel that your prayer is going to be answered”. In fact this make your prayer even more spiritual and you hope for the best to happen.

2.Before You Speak – Blabber it out Listen

EXPECTATION: We speak in such a way that it has no errors and the conversation is perfectly smooth. Also, we know when to stop and start speaking.

REALITY: We are in a conversation where we either have no idea of what’s going on or we just can’t wait to give in our ideas so we just blabber it out.

So lets strike off the term ‘Blabber it out’ and make this expectation into reality by introducing the term ‘Listen’. If you think about it, we have been given two ears and one mouth which basically means listen more and talk less. By listening first and then speaking we are giving our brain the time to think and frame what we are going to speak.

3.Before You Spend – Spend Earn

EXPECTATION: We earn and spend in the best way possible without causing harm to anyone. Our lifestyle make inspires other people.

REALITY: Some of us rely on others for all our needs and expect their help each time.

So lets strike off the term ‘Spend’ and make this expectation into reality by introducing the term ‘Earn’. This is applicable only to those who sort of disregard the income of others. Well, when one earns something with his own hands then the real value and respect for that money is known.

4.Before You Write –  Don’t Plan Think

EXPECTATION: We plan and think about our writing. Then we structure it our and then Voila! our masterpiece is ready.

REALITY: We take hours to think of what we are supposed to write. Even after those precious hours being spent we end up writing as simple as simple could be.

So lets strike off the term ‘Don’t Plan’ and make this expectation into reality by introducing the term ‘Think’. Every writer has to make his/her writing to the point. Also, each word has to be written sensibly as to avoid any harm. A writer must also take this freedom of writing as a responsibility.

5.Before You Quit – Give up Try

EXPECTATION: We never give up and try to take part enthusiastically in every opportunity provided.

REALITY: Some of us are extremely scared to take a new step or change our path. We give up and hence, we never try anything new.

So lets strike off the term ‘Give up’ and make this expectation into reality by introducing the term ‘Try’. Without trying, no one can be sure if the step to be taken would result into success or failure. If you try, that guilt of not trying would be removed from your self. Also. you cant be sure that you are failing unless you have tried.

6.Before You Die – Live 🙂

Well, for this one there is no expectation vs reality since its different for everyone.( We all are unique )

Life is like an ice cream so enjoy it before it melts. Life is also like a drive with many ups and downs but since you are the driver ( not literally) you can change the path when needed. If life offers you a better option and you feel you are ready to opt it then go for it. Make your life vivid and full of memories that you will cherish.

And on that note, this blog comes to an end…

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Till then,

Bye 🙂 and take care




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